The Key to a
CrossFit Body

Nutrition: The Key to Transformation

Everyone who loves CrossFit talks about how challenging the WOD was, how fast they finished and how close they came to death. We think that hitting new PRs or mastering the latest gymnastic movement that we are dominating.

But who is mentioning their diet? Including the “cheat meals”. Who starts a conversation by saying, “Today, I ate five blocks of protein, five of carbs, and five of fat? Or who shows up with a new nutrition plan from the Nutritionist that will help build muscle mass?

Maybe we don’t talk about it because the vast majority of CrossFitters think that they’ll be able to transform their bodies by simply training alone. Or maybe Crossfitters think that since they are already exercising they can continue eating whatever it is since they are “burning" so much.

A good CrossFitter is not the one who comes every day to train, as the training only represents 1 hour of the day.

Of course, we can all be disciplined for just 1 hour every day. But what happens during the remaining 23 hours of the day?

A great athlete plans each meal for the week, since they know that NUTRITION is the fundamental way to improve performance, inside and outside of the box.


Of course, we can all be disciplined for just 1 hour every day.


Here are 5 tips to begin to track your food plan that help you to see your effort. So that you don’t have to go and tell the world that you do CrossFit, but so that everyone can tell just by looking at you.

  1. “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little syrup and zero sugar.”
  2. Go to a professional who can create a nutrition plan according to your physical activity needs.
  3. DO NOT skimp on your meals. Eating well is not cheap but it will be cheaper than buying fast food and snacks that will only pull you away from your goal.
  4. If possible, allocate part of your day off for preparing your food for the week – at least the daily meals.
  5. Stop buying “cheat meals”, this includes cereals, ice cream, cookies, potatoes and anything else that you could store in your cupboard or refrigerator and that you will surely attack in moments of weakness or stress. if you do not even own these temptations, you won’t be able to consume them.

Body transformation happens based on the decisions we make each day with what we put in our bodies.

Do you want to have more PRs, better times, increase your work capacity, increase strength, build more gymnastics skills and have a CrossFit body? 

Then start doing what matters most and start with your diet.


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