Bruce Young

CrossFit Games Athlete Drop-in



At Bahía CrossFit, we love working out with CrossFitters from around the world, but it's especially fun when we have a CrossFit Games athlete drop-in for a vacation WOD with us!

Bruce Young is an inspiration who is repeatedly the top of the Canadian charts for the Reebok CrossFit Open each year.

  • 2018: Men (50-54) 3rd overall in Canada
  • 2017: Men (50-54) 4th overall in Canada
  • 2016: Masters Men (50-54) 1st overall in Canada
  • 2015: Masters Men (50-54) 1st overall in Canada

Bruce qualified for the CrossFit Games in 2015 and took 16th in the 50-54 Master's Division. He's a driving force and is constantly pushing himself to improve as an athlete. He says that the number one thing he looks forward to in competition is driving himself to be better

Bruce is currently training hard, stopping in to workout with us over his winter holidays. He's looking forward to gaining an edge in 2019 as he moves into the 56-60 Master's age bracket for the Reebok CrossFit Open and Games qualifiers. He has his heart set on winning and we're excited to follow him along his journey to the games!

Thanks so much, Bruce, for dropping in and sharing your inspiration with us at Bahia CrossFit - we look forward to your next vacation WOD in Puerto Vallarta!

You can follow Bruce on Instagram at @BEYoung50 for motivational tips on how to Live Life Fit!

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