Ary's Story

Ary Alvarez

My family was always an athletic family. Even from a very young age, I had a passion and a drive for sports. I’ve always enjoyed all types of competition and my focus was on soccer at that time since I'd played since I was a child in the Atlas FC school for soccer.

Along with soccer, I've always enjoyed swimming and running (both on the beach and on land) as a hobby. I think it’s because I live in a port city.


I discovered CrossFit through a friend of mine. I attended the first 3 days – which was all it took for me to discover my passion for CrossFit. From flipping truck tires to gymnastic movements and running – I knew this was my passion.

What I like about CrossFit is that it is a sport for every type of person, regardless of their level of fitness. The mental stamina and drive is key and fundamental in order to develop the skills that this sport requires. I decided to start my training as a coach because I like to transmit my passion for the sport and to help create good habits and a healthy lifestyle in my students.